Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Meet me in St. Louie-Louie, meet me at the Zoo.

Ahhh, the St. Louis Zoo. Apparently, ranked the best FREE Zoo in the US, and we agree. Piggy was nice enough to accompany me to St. Louis as you know from the post about the game below to visit my Little Otter and go to a wedding in Kansas City for a Fraternity brother. She is also the camera person in about every shot that does not have her in it. Anyway, we had a great day and saw the Zoo and played in the Zoo Park and even the kids petting Zoo and the incredible map eating goats. Lots of great pictures but the ones below are the best.

The sea lion statues at the front of the park.
The Reticulated Python could eat a little otter, but she still thinks its cool.
Grooming the Baboons?
Daddy's head makes a great armrest!
Daddy the mobile lounge chair!
A juguar SWIMMING! I knew it happened, but it was too cool not to post.
A young giraffe was right up to the edge, the kids loved it.
Checking out the Chimps.
The merry-go-round was probably her favorite stop.
Piggy and the Puffins. Movie out next summer.
The Polar Bear was very active while we were there...and he's koot.
Sexy Piggy with the Singin' in the Rain Elephant Fountain.
WOW! We transformed into otters in the kids park!
Cousin Larry.
The Hippos ate my baby!! But it was Koot.
My girlfriend is bigger than a pigmy llama! Wait...that came out wrong.
Piggy and the goats....OF DOOM!!
The Crazy Eyed Goat did not eat my baby. I think she would move in here if you let her. They would be well groomed.

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