Monday, January 07, 2008

Wherein I apologize lamely and post some holiday pictures. More to come, once I hatch them off my camera and find a second to get them up here. These photos are a selection from Old Bear Productions of Jackson, MO. Grrrr.

The Little Otter got to spend a day in her daddy's home town visiting Grandpa Bear for the Holidays. Yep, she was a pretty happy gal getting to explore the old office lair of the Old Bear. Check out the Dora the Explorer Pink Camo. All the fashion in the under 5 set I'm told.

This is one of the Old Bear's hunting dogs (of a much smaller number than the packs he kept when he had slave, children at home to help him care for them) named Nell. She told everyone about meeting Grandpa's white dog Nell.

The Old Bear and the Little Otter in Dad's office. We introduced the camera game of "close your eyes till we count to three, then open and smile" so you aren't blinking. So, basically, she looks really surprised in a lot of these photos. My bad.

Getting our grub on at the Texas Road House. Me with my crackberry and Little Otter with her never ending request for Chicken Strips. Nom nom nom.

Piggy, Old Bear and the Little Otter all upstairs in the old High Street Building. I got lucky that I got to hang out with a beautiful woman and a wonderful daughter and we made a old fella's Christmas a little bit brighter! Thanks for a real nice holiday day trip dad! And for letting Marie and I take out the old 63 Impala for a cruise down memory lane!