Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Its the Thanksgiving Travel marathon!!! Well, I am off to the following states: PA, NY, NJ, MO and possibly KS. Now go play Scrabble with those.

Its a run to do the Holiday Hello thing and catch up with my family which is scattered all about. I'll be meeting my brothers up in NYC for dinner and maybe a show after meeting Philly Piggy's parents and seeing her old stomping ground (rooting grounds? Who knows...) with a trip to Atlantic City with her Mom worked in there. The its off to Missouri to meet up with my Mom, visit my little otter and maybe get down to see dad or over to see the crew in KC. I try to stay flexible on these things as holiday travel can be anything but predictable most times.

I know I owe a London write up, I'll try to work on it on the plane. I'm backed up on real work so that will take precedence. Hope this helps everyone keep up with Waldo.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Well its been a fun, challenging and enlightening experience the last couple weeks. I head home tomorrow morning and then immediately proceed to bounce out across the country on holiday travels. I think those should be fun too.

London has been great but I am a little to tire to get into it now so expect and update soon with pictures (I took a lot!). Don't forget to check out the WPT Website The guys from Life's A Bluff have been made their official web comic! Go do the clicky-clicky thing and make sure that they stay on! Its in the lower right hand corner...go now!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

CARDS WIN!! ...and I'm leaving the country.

So the World Series news is old but I've had some busy days recently and havn't had time to update the old BLOG. Great news for St. Louis on the tail of being voted the most dangerous place to live. yeah murderers from East SI-EEED.

I'll be hopping a plane to London on business soon. I'll be gone a couple of weeks so I expect the Piggy to be happy and partying with her friends in the mud hole. I'm snaking in some pleasure and sightseeing along with the business as it is my first time there. Wheeee! Rack up another country for old Uncle Traveling Matt.