Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Cards close things down but I was there to see it. A few weeks ago, my Piggy and I went to see the last homestand of the Cardinals as they faced off against her Phillies. Turns out that the Cards picked that one up, even though it did not matter to them and the Phils later returned that consideration by making the playoffs in one of the most exciting last weeks in baseball in my memory and then promptly loosing to the meteorically rising Rockies. No one can really explain either washout. The Phils were the biggest hitting team in the NL and they could not score over 3 runs in any game. The Cards, last year's World Champs, spent September securing a "stay at home" post season in a different way and then proceeded to win out and play to potential once they were mathematically eliminated. Go figure. This is why I don't bet on sports...why depend on someone else's mental state and effort? Anyway, enough bitching. We had a great time and I finally got to see Busch Stadium. Tough for a kid that grew up 100 miles south playing baseball since they stuck it on a tee for me, but a journey that meant more than just seeing it passing by on I-55. (Horrible memory for my childhood, I was 10 and my Dad had tickets to the 1985 I-70 series with the Royals and gave them away. The folks who went were nice enough to bring us back hats. I think mine is in a trunk back home somewhere. Meh.) Anyway, below are some pictures and descriptions.

Alll Lovey-Dovey before the game.
My buddy Mike showing us where the old stadium stood and the lay of the land.
The old stadium site to the left with the arch in the background.
The statue garden out front has all the greats in action poses and watching over them from the stadium wall is none other than the legendary announcer Jack Buck. Jack ruled. You may know his son Joe, the ESPN schill. I remember being introduced to the best way to watch a Cardinal game by my friend Daniel Perry's family. Turn on the TV, turn off the sound and tune in Jack Buck on the radio. Soooo much better.
Very large, very pretty lights. The park lost some uniqueness, but its still a damn fine place to watch a ballgame.
Next to the Cardinal keystone absconding with my collected souvenirs, including the Yadier Molina bobblehead from the night where he hit the winning shot! Go Yaddie!
Piggy trying to look sad for the camera after the Philly loss. But ain't that the cutest smile ever!! I am the luckiest bastard on earth.
In the statue garden with the Wizard of Oz! Tell me one other player that made the game this fun? Oz, Vince, Ugly Willie and the game were just classic!

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