Tuesday, May 19, 2009

As a note to all of you...I appologize for the lack of updates on the Blog. It appears that the world of Facebook and Twitter are a bit more absorbing than I thought.

Anyway, I hope to fix this as I begin posting about the WSOP this year and the interviews and events that go with it.


Monday, March 02, 2009

Post 101!! Hey hey! Missed a reason to celebrate on my last post, I've made it to 100 updates. Seemed to be running out of steam lately, but oh...don't you worry, I'm not quitting anytime soon. Some folks might be disappointed. ;)

Anyway, this weekends travel (and I was NOT going very far away after the LAPC, etc. the last several weekends.) was to Wondercon! (the San Fran version of Comicon) where piggy and I gawked at the Cos-players (folks in costume) met some legends and heroes and saw some generally fun stuff. Mainly, its all pretext to show you some photos!

Speaking of which, be sure and go to your right for the pictures on Flickr of the LAPC 10k Main Event, 10k Heads Up Event, 10k HORSE event and some smaller events including a 5k NLHE, 5k PLO w/rebuys and some of the smaller NLHE events.

Awesome this statue was.

You might know him as the Giant Mute from Superman 2.


Not one of THOSE Baldwins, but that is why he's in all the good shows.

Greg "The Hammer" or "Spagetthi Head" as he was called by the Waldo Brothers.

Well he's the Honkey Tonk Man. And he likes Clamato.

Cobra Commander and The Baroness from GI Joe.

Lady "Sweeny Todd"

I fanboyed up pretty hard here, this is one of my MOST favorite artists and he can be yours two, Phil Foglio of GirlGenius.net and many, many other awesome projects.

Blade let himself go, but he's still badass.

Marie and her favorite super heroe -- Wonder Woman! (sing it!!)

And I am not making this up "Jedi Professors Holms and Watson, Private Investigators."

The Fairy Godmothers Redux.

The Changling Bounty Hunter from Starwars.

Nintendo's Paid Cosplayers.

Street Fighter 4. 15 years after the last great arcade standup...its back.

This is a very telling picture you see. I felt like a little kid here, I would have been dressed as Indy and the Darth/Storm Trooper Combo would have been awesome. Also, kid looks like my brother Charles.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Long overdue Christmas photos!! Yes, I know it has been a long, long time. Ima be sorry now, a'ight? Anyway, its been busy since South Beach. Flew back to San Fran just to hop a plane to the UK and ran from city to city almost every night for work over the first two weeks there. Managed to avoid being sick (and I was terribly clobbered by a cold at the end of the year) during the trip, only to get home and almost keel over. I missed my work holiday party (a Bond themed Fancy Dress party) so I don't have any interesting pictures of myself or piggy in Bond-themed costume wear. I was going to be Jaws and I was to be accompanied by a very sexy 70s Bond Girl, but, alas, I couldn't get up from a one hour power nap to try to rally the strength to go on. From there, I recuperated a bit and then shortly thereafter it was off to Missouri for Christmas. We had a great time staying at the Lil' Otter's house in the new room in the basement and spending Christmas with her family and friends. Piggy got delayed on the way in and ended up in Salt Lake City overnight (of all places) and I myself was delayed getting in till almost 1 am. We danced around weather issues but ended up making it through fairly well with only a short period of good 'ol Missouri "ohmygawd" icy coatings. Even that could not tamp down the Christmas spirit and we had a heck of a night with good food, great people and much shared love. Truly a time to realize how blessed I am to have these people in my life and things working out for me the way they have. And now what you've all been waiting for...the photos!!

Cute, cuddly and fuzzy is always welcome.
The new art studio is all set up!
Dad all wrapped up for Christmas.
Two heart breakers!
Pawpaw and MaeMae
Proud of the finished tree!
You must be THIS intense to play the Wii.