Thursday, October 11, 2007

Housewarming and Poker...pretty novel approach huh? Not really, if you know me at all, but it was something that I had the digs for and a great way to cap off the night after the early crowd went home. We had a massive grilled dinner with some awesome potluck food brought by my even MORE awesome guests and chatted it up, drank some good beverages and then, while the kids entertained themselves with Guitar Hero and Lego Star Wars II, we had a little poker tournament in the house. Both the winner (John M.) and the second place finisher (Mary G.) managed to top spots in their very first poker tournaments. I guess my ten minute crash course in Hold 'Em Poker is marketable, huh?
As you can see, a very professional set up....a folding table top on top of a folding table. Chips are nice though. That's me with the bad dealing mechanics.The final four were given their choice of hats to wear from my odd and unusually large collection of big brims. Why? Because a cool hat makes you a better poker player, stupid!

Cool Hand Mary relaxes with the vino. I think she read most of my poker library back there while I wasn't looking.John TAKES IT DOWN!! Ship it to Britain baby!! Gin and Onions.

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