Thursday, August 07, 2008

Creepy, no? Well, old Waldo hit a snag last week and was forced to take a break from poker for a while. ('bout a week, fret not.) Felt like everything was going well and I was playing solid and then the deck got as cold as the backside of a drunken polar bear's chain mail cod piece body surfing the snow dunes of the North Pole. I mean...brrrr. Online was not only worse, it was maddeningly, statistically, mind blowingly painful. So, rather than break anything or plow off into funds not earmarked for the felt, yours truly took a break.

Actually, this is all an excuse to repost this pic from which, next to the fail blog, is the most logical place to go in a day to see some mindless, 5th grade humor and some semi-clever work with photoshop. Most are cute...this one...well...god help whoever owns that cat. Or whatever the heck it is.

Heading up to Canadaland...Canukistan...Our Northern Invasion Threat, er, I mean Neighbor at the end of the month for a long weekend in Vancover from a cheap flight booked months ago. Piggy and I are fairly excited as this is the first time she gets to use her new passport and we both get to see the gem of the Canadian West (via Seattle). I'm sure pictures will be forthcoming. Oddly, this comes at a time when I've really, really been trying to find a reasonable flight back to Missouri. Best case that actually lets me do anything is $450 bucks. Its disgusting, no?