Friday, September 07, 2007

The Saints come out of the gate...poorly. Wow, this does a lot to the hopes of the Saint's fans everywhere. I have to say I expected a bit more out of the team, thought I thought it would be a tough fight, not a 3 touchdown blowout where "Mr. Reliable" Drew Brees tanked like a Rex Grossman. I'm still pretty grumbly over the whole thing, but there were still flashes of the multi-faceted all star offense just met a defense that was a hell of a lot better than they expected. Well, the Colts go off to their predictably easy schedule and the Saint's hit the road to Tampa Bay. Let's hope the SI prediction won't do to the Saint's what it did to the Panther's last year.

I promise I have Tahoe trip pics/report coming and a fun little poker party at the house too. I just need to figure out how to shrink the giant photos I'm taking with my new camera so they will upload.