Tuesday, July 03, 2007

In Vegas, Feeling Good, Starting Off Right!

Greetings from the World Series of Poker and the Media Room at the Rio All-Suites Hotel! I got in last night, slept the sleep of the truly road weary in the VERY comfortable beds here and awoke early and fired up, ready to cover the series and play some poker.

Its started off well. Today, while waiting for the Media Room to open so I could pick up my credentials, I won a single table satellite that will cover my room and flight. Now, if I can manage to not loose that, we have a net positive trip in the works! And really, isn't that all we can ask for.

A big shout out to my friends at LifesABluff.com as I am here with this kind of access thanks to them. Should I decide to take anything down today, its one for the crew!! RuntCake shall carry the day!

Well, hopefully some pictures and more positive stories to follow. Until then, thanks for the well wishes and may the BLUFF be with you!


BlueInDenver said...

We love you RC!!!

Have a blast!

Waldo's Wild Kingdom said...

Thanks Blue.