Sunday, July 15, 2007

And yea I bring unto you photos of my new place. Housewarming August 4th. Yep, its a crowded little street, but the place is all rent.

Second Bedroom, Workstation, Gamestation, General Mess.
Stairs up the back door.
Our "Sun Porch and Empty Storage.
Believe it or not, that is a Bay View waaay down there from our back porch.
The bedroom.
kitchen back to front.
kitchen front to back. Biggest room in the house.
Annnnd...the living room.

On the paid tour you get to see the garage, bathroom and washer and dryer. But, no high rollers today I guess?

For World Series of Poker Updates: Check and click on the blog achieves. Also, more photos of the series on the message boards.


CruelAnge said...

Hey. It's Hiro.
My address was changed.
new address is cruelange (at)

What's up now?

Waldo's Wild Kingdom said...

Hey Hiro!! Can I send your email out to all the guys from Culver?

CruelAnge said...