Tuesday, July 24, 2007


We went to Bolinas Beach...the HIDDEN TOWN...this Saturday and the sunblock product we brought with us failed miserably. I'm toasty from the calves down where it may have washed off, but the poor piggy is BAR-B-QUE! Recovery is going slow and steady. Pictures to follow.

Bolinas (Bobo town) is a town that was built up by a commune of hippies turned college kids moving into the area afterwards and then doing everything they can to shut themselves off from San Francisco and growth. They bought the local water works and with that very capitalistic privatization decreed that no more public water meters would be distributed...so, no more houses. The last one to become available (the water meter not the property) occurred when a house burned and the meter was auctioned SEPARATE to the property. It went for over $350,000. For a water meter. You wonder why I don't own a house out here?

I have some great pictures to add later, but I thought I would let you know abou this fun little hippy town and the sunburn that has the house down here in D. City.

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