Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Warmer days and qualifier woes.

The sudden infusion of warm...nay, into the Bay Area this last weekend and week got me out of the house and helped me get over a cold.

Piggy and I went to see a great game with the Phillies and Giants where the Pil'delfia batboys trounced the streaking SF Giants and really showed off their skills. I'll let her post the pics, but we were really pretty close to the action. No foul balls (darn it) but some GREAT batsmanship out of the Phils and the Barry-less Giants. You see, Barry does not play a day game after a night game, cause he might get a boo-boo on his syringe thumb or something and not be able to juice properly without a full 24 hours rest...or some crap like that. Anyway, the Bond-ster is at 745 as we speak, just 10 shy of Hammering Hank (who mysteriously -- along with the commissioner of baseball -- don't seem to want to be near Bonds when he breaks his record.) and a much debated place in baseball history. Right up there is Babe Ruth being one of the best starting pitcher the Sox ever had. Seriously...where did those guys go? If we are all bigger, stronger, faster, etc. where is the pitcher with the .347 average and 30+ dingers to go with a sub 3 ERA?

Worked the techno-glitzy Software 2007 conference this week in Santa Clara. I think it was good all around. Now back to sorting out the new place. Which, when the fog is out, had a great view from the back deck.

Poker, poker, how 'bout the poker. With the WSOP fast approaching, I have been on a bender (live and online) of attempting to qualify. Unfortunately, I have nothing great to report right now. The busted live qualifiers and a bevy of online tries that have sapped my bankroll have made me think I may have to raise the cash the old fashioned way and just win it. Or at least win enough to play some satellites while I'm there if I roll up a starting stake. Wish me luck, patience and clarity.

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