Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My road has s'plode! (www.homestarrunner.com reference...deal.) So, much to the chagrin of Rosie O'Donnell and her 9-11 conspiracy ilk, the accident that pretty much melted the overpass in the MacArthur maze has caused traffic havoc here in San Francisco. Apparently though, pretty much everyone is over it in 24 hours with a free commuter pass and a pat on the back. It did flood the trains for one day as everyone jumped on the 'freebie' ride to work on Monday, but congestion was down by about half today, showing that it must have been worth about $5 of inconvenience. I don't take that road (I-80 and 880) anymore since I moved onto the peninsula but I can only imagine what it did to the auto traffic. Probably looks like LA now. I'm really cheesed off about something else that happened on the BART today. I'll post again after I follow up with that. Just thought I'd let everyone know that the exploding truck and resulting transit mess has left me unscathed and unscarred.

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