Sunday, June 03, 2007

The World Series of Poker. Wow, its that time of year again and its bigger and better than ever, and for the first time in two bankroll is not ready.

Its my own fault really. Giving money away to friends and family, buying some nice stuff for myself, playing in some bigger WSOP qualifier than I had a business doing with a bankroll my size but ones that I was used to playing. So, natural variance kicks in and now I'm now looking at the bottom of my box for the first time in a long time. I'm not broke...but for the first time I'm "playing down." My timing is horrible.

Well, I have a couple of weeks and we'll see what happens. I think has a seat in the Media Event before the Main Event for me. We'll see how that goes then. Going to combine a week of vacation with my visit to St. Louis to go down there and take a look-see.

Pray for me, sacrifice a chicken, do what you have to do...just wish me luck! ;)

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