Monday, January 29, 2007

Super Bowl Sunday. At least they have commercials.

Funny note from In a fan poll, the LEAST popular option for "who would you like to see in the Super Bowl" was Colts v. Bears. Most popular Saints v. Patriots. I couldn't agree more. I hope I'm wrong but I can only think its either going to be a Manning led blowout for the Colts. Or a defense dominated, low scoring yawn fest for the Bears. But! Record setting ad spend, so that should get funny.

I'm heading to VEGAS tomorrow. Yes, for work. I think I'll sneak in some time at the Venetian poker tables as well since I'll be working there most of the days. I might even get to see Jerry Lee Lewis play. Something that will make my Dad wildly jealous, but I'm sure Old Killer is more Old than Killer now-a-days. I don't care, BB King still rocked the house, I'm sure Jerry Lee will make it work too. Look for an update and a new article on afterward.

Work is killing me lately, thus the lack of posts. Please forgive my lack of communication. Its not you, its me. Really, I should see other selves because I'm probably holding me back from real happiness.

On the born and breeding front! Mr. & Mrs. Schmucke have brough beautiful Ms. Addison into the world and Mr. & Mrs. Tuck have announced they are expecting another bundle of joy. Beautiful people that deserve beautiful children. Congratulations!

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