Monday, January 08, 2007

Stupid f*£%^g fortune cookies.

Well, it was a mildly unfortunate weekend. It started off when I brought home some take out Chinese coming home from work. Food was ok, but I was eating "healthy" so, no MSG bliss (or post meal hyper-bowel evacuation...but that isn't what you tuned in for is it?). Even non-superstitious people hate getting weird vibes/omens. We'll our two fortunes were something along the lines of "Your Luck Will Return in the Autumn" and "The best throw of the dice is to throw them away." At least one was a fortune and not a piece of wisdom, but that weekend the Chiefs stunk up the joint and the Eagles will now be playing the Saints next week. I can't hide my fervor for the Saints this year (or any year...just something to cheer about this year) and Piggy's favoritest team is the Eagles, so I might be sleeping on the couch soon. This is not the situation you want with your GF. Well, I guess that is the price you pay for having a tall, sexy, sports-loving, gas-tolerating lady in your life.

Anyway, went out on the bubble of a WPT satellite/tournament and came within 8 of 10K. It tough to deal with, but I thought I played really well on a short stack with cold cards for the longest time. Lost a race and there was one call I could have made with no guarantees, but I have to like the fact that I play one decent tournament live a week (most weeks, not counting the holiday tourney-fest between Christmas and New Years) and I've been finishing in the top 18 consistently, that is something to be proud of. The cash games actually made the whole thing to a positive day by fraction, but a positive none the less. Yeah bankroll stabilization!

Working the online angle a bit. Cashed in one for $891 during Christmas and while that is not that big, I was happy to survive the insane play that accompanies the holiday/break time tournaments. Also, since the online frontier is one that I've been hacking away at, this years positive growth and "chunk-o-cash" deposit in the bank makes it feel worthwhile. Now I just have to get my earning-per-hour up to speed and we will be talking about viable "earned from home" income that will keep me off the road hunting for good games.

Piggy did some great cooking over the Holidays including a Christmas spread I haven't had since I was living at home and the grandparents were alive! Plus super-duper baked goods. They are gone now and the road to a slimmer, trimmer, more aero (aqua?) dynamic otter begins!

Peace and luck in the New Year...and ignore your fortune cookies.


Philly Piggy said...

personally, i think the only way a fortune cookie affects your life, is if you let it, so forget about it!! Those kind of things can drive you mad if you let them. Beleive me, I once broke 2 mirrors in one year. . .

and the Eagles are getting their revenge on the Saints this time around, so maybe it will be me sleeping on the couch!! :)

Waldo's Wild Kingdom said...

Remember the stadium energy that opening game vs. Atlanta? Multiply that by 2nd PLAYOFF SHOT EVER!

Philly Piggy said...

well the Eagles are a lot better then Atlanta and they can handle the pressure on the road . . . :)

Philly Piggy said...

And, I didn't start off to prove you wrong, but it's not the "2nd playoff shot ever" for the Saints. they have been in the playoffs FIVE times before!!

All-Time Playoff Record: 1-5
Previous Playoff Results:
Jan. 6, 2001 - NFC Divisional - Minnesota 34, New Orleans 16
Dec. 30, 2000 - NFC Wild Card - New Orleans 31, St. Louis 28
Jan. 3, 1993 - NFC Wild Card - Philadelphia 36, New Orleans 20
Dec. 28, 1991 - NFC Wild Card - Atlanta 27, New Orleans 20
Jan. 6, 1991 - NFC Wild Card - Bears 16, New Orleans 6
Jan. 3, 1988 - NFC Wild Card - Minnesota 44, New Orleans 10

Hmmm - look at 1993. . . hmmm. . .