Monday, October 23, 2006

'Pine Tar' Rodgers ties up the series.

I try not to get too worked up...I really do. I usually fail as I am little too passionate about things. I was willing to get past the pine tarring accusations until I heard KR's response that it was just "a big ole clump of dirt...I washed it off". What kind of dirt is shit and caramel colored and leaves a visible yellow residue after being washed off? Either admit to it or tell us you didn't wash you hands after the bathroom ran out of TP. Man.

OK, I have to get back to work but this had to get out there.


PS -- I am in two outter hell. Knockouts both days on the incredible 3% turn cards. But again, I think I'm handling it well. Nothing is broken in my car, house or card room! ;)

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