Thursday, November 02, 2006

CARDS WIN!! ...and I'm leaving the country.

So the World Series news is old but I've had some busy days recently and havn't had time to update the old BLOG. Great news for St. Louis on the tail of being voted the most dangerous place to live. yeah murderers from East SI-EEED.

I'll be hopping a plane to London on business soon. I'll be gone a couple of weeks so I expect the Piggy to be happy and partying with her friends in the mud hole. I'm snaking in some pleasure and sightseeing along with the business as it is my first time there. Wheeee! Rack up another country for old Uncle Traveling Matt.


Philly Piggy said...

PARTY ON!!! Opps, I should probably wait until you leave first. . . :)

Waldo's Wild Kingdom said... piggy party pictures yet!