Monday, October 16, 2006

Saints Win, Chiefs Lose, Go Cards and a Poker Update.

Well, the Chiefs embarrassed themselves in Pittsburgh this weekend. As a friend of mine put it "they found out that the Steelers could wake up and remember they were a SuperBowl team and take it out on someone." Why not last week in San Diego then? Damn. But, I am happy to note that my new pick for NFC Champion...the New Orleans Saints, are now 5-1 after beating a formidable opponent in the Philadelphia Eagles. Since this is Piggy's team, it made for some cold conversation, but I can woot and cheer all I want on my blog! WOOT! CHEER! ...ah, who am I kidding.

The Bay 101 Open Players Points freeroll kicked off the Bay 101 Open Tournament series this Sunday. Yours truly finished 6th taking home a nice prize package but falling a few short of my goal of a big win or at least a seat in the WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star in March. But, I still have a few months to shoot for that. Big games this Saturday or Sunday so if you have any lucky objects, rub them for me. If you have any voodoo dolls, please take the pins out!

GO CARDS! by the way. If last night's shellacking ties it up, the Cards have a LOT to prove as they head back to New York to stomp down the Mets shot at the World Series. I will admit to having a secret hope for the Detroit Tigers after my years of suffrage on jr. teams of the same name. Rawr.

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