Thursday, June 29, 2006

Superman Returns, The Fat Man leaves, life marches on:

So, Superman Returns is out this weekend. I'm not even bothering with proper title grammar, the title is just so generic, but I guess its better than "A Search for Peace". Anyway, my lovely lady and I and a few folks from the office will be tracking over to the Metreon (see also: Nerdvana) to grub a little and catch the show. I'll let you know how it went later. It will have to live up to the comic genius of Nacho Libre the last film we saw to make me feel real good about it, though. I hate that...Movie Let Down. I think you get MLD when you are on a movie "high" from a great flick and then POW! You go see a stinker or just an ok film and it seems to even make the popcorn taste stale. Maybe we should schedule or viewings (based on credible reviews) from worst to best. Start out with latest Wayan's Brother's Fiasco (who keeps giving them MONEY!) and end up with some Swashbuckling fun with Pirates of the Caribbean 2. Who knows.

So, I'm back on a gym plan and pseudo diet. I say pseudo diet as I don't think I eat poorly, I just eat too much and at the wrong times so I am attempting to adjust my eating lifestyle to create a more flexible dining plan (with my travel and event schedule, its a must) that fits me while now hitting the gym at least 4 days a week. Killer place here on the first floor of my building. My fees include a locker, full shower/toiletry services and even laundry for my gym clothes so I don't have to pack junk back and forth or "forget" and put off a workout. Why am I suddenly on this? Take a look at me and Hulk. Note that my gut is about the size of his chest and my chest is the size of his waist. Bad combo I think. I'm weighing in at 249 this week. Tune in here to see how I'm doing. (Look at me being all accountable and stuff!) My goal is 235 and a sub 38 waist by the end of July. 225 by the end of August, 210 by the end of September, bordering on a 36 waist again and flat at 200 by the Holidays. Not sure if I'm going to tune up tighter than that. I'm pretty comfortable at my frame coming in at two bills, but we'll see when we get there.

I'll be in St. Louis the 7th-9th and in NY the 9th-12th. Visiting the cutest daughter in the world in the Lou and working in NY but hoping to catch up with the Wall Street Waldo before I leave. CALL ME!

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