Sunday, June 25, 2006

OK, well, this was my first PRIDE weekend in San Francisco. For those of you not familiar with it...that is Gay PRIDE (always all capital letters...In case you didn't notice it or something) weekend. The day when such things as huge marches (segregated by your personal choice oddly enough), boy on boy "kiss a thons" downtown with two guys in jockeys on a life raft "kissing for a cause"" (which cause was unstated so your guess -- I'm going with mono) and an entire, very popular, radio station turning into K-GAY for the weekend. And really, that is just scratching the surface. Other than the musical styling of Lez Zeplin (all girl Zeplin cover band), I was a miss in town for most of the weekend...I'm sure they will understand. Overall, I thought it was too worked over. Anywhere but to the sexually hardened populous of San Frannie, this would have been too much. But, where the Castro is king (or queen?) it seems to have just blown by with nothing more than a raised eyebrow from most of the straight and already well aware populous. So, the question would effective is it really? is, afterall, a blog.

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