Tuesday, July 29, 2008


For those of you that care to watch the WPT events, this weeks episode was at the Bay 101 Casino for the Tour's only bounty event, the Shooting Star. (Basically, if you knock out specific players, typically high-profile pros, you get $5000.) This makes for one of the best tournaments of the year and marks the the first full event where I was there as a reporter for www.lifesabluff.com and pulling in more Random Questions interviews than ever before. One of those was Jennifer Harmon (yes, you silly person, stop now and click the video links on the right to find it.) who did a GREAT interview and then finished the event third to the eventual winner SteamRoller/Bounty Hunter, Brandon Cantu and Steve "Mugglylicious" Sung. While I thought the coverage of this event was really quick and bang, bang it was a lopsided final table with Cantu running the table with the chiplead from start to finish...and by no small margin either. Anyway, you can see me on TV decrying the shot that knocked Jen out 1 hr. 41 mins into the show. Shaggy brown hair and a goatee in a checkered black n' white short sleeved button-up and a long sleeved black undershirt in the second row. Much to the WPT crew's credit, they kept me hidden behind the Pot Size graphic or in the "fuzzy" space in the shadows. Still, it was a great time. Should I find something...I'll post it here.

I got one of the new Sprint/Samsung Instinct 'iPhone killers' since my work perk was removed...so look forward to grainy 2 MP photos and videos send from your favorite shutter-bug otter-man/boy.

The chins are feeling better after some meds to clear them up. They are gaining energy at a rapid pace. Its possible they might spontaneously burst into plasma energy at any moment.

Lil' Otter starts school in less than a month and her Grandmother starts another Nanny tenure in Dallas very soon. Wow...where does time go, and what did I do with it? Its hard to believe she just turned 5 in April. Its hard to believe "SuperMom" is on her last gig before retirement (maybe). I just can't stand it some days...I really need a break to make it out of here or up in the world here. In the mean time, pray I just keep it together. Thank God Piggy is here with me, I'd be a complete basket case/degenerate otherwise.

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