Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Doh!! I'm THAT guy!! Posting pet pics on his blog!! Aw man...well, can you blame me? The following are from today's "exercise run" out back of the Casa where the guys can run free outside and stretch out. Something I am sure a lot of cage critters don't get the chance to do. The names appear to be officially Rosco and Sully. Sully is the fluffier one with bigger eyes and a patch of fur regrowing on his right side and Rosco is the shyer, mildly lighter one with a bigger head.


Waldo's Wild Kingdom said...

I think I look mildly mentally challenged in this pic. Not that I'm not...I just look it here.

Wurtzyboy's Poker Blog said...

OMG are those chinchillas!?!?! AHHH. Besides the sugar glider, that is the other cutest animal in the world of exotic pets. OMG OMG those are so freakin awesome! My cousin used to have one of those. it was awesome.