Thursday, April 19, 2007

14 innings end in disappointment! Outside of the fact that I was hanging out with a ton of great people from work, Philly Piggy, Mo-Piggy and leading the band when it came to cheering the Cardinals Wednesday at AT&T/Pac-Bell/Cingular/Nextsponsorplease Park I felt a bit of a pang of regret when the game ended. After 14 innings of hard fought baseball, the Cards inability to keep up a steady batting average and some blunders with coaching and communication ultimately cost the Red Birds the win against the very sucky San Francisco Giants. Maybe its just karmic revenge for getting a mass of people together to go to a game where I was rooting against the home team. Bah, who knows. At least we saw Pujols pop a dinger and Bonds put number 738 into McCovy Cove.

Good luck to Frank Frisina of as he heads off to Vegas hoping to build his business, play in a ASPCA celebrity pro-am charity tournament and hopefully fleece some WPT tourists at the poker tables all in one trip. Killer Flops and Suckas' Drawing Dead, Franky Bones. Don't pop a lung...again. Seriously.

This last weekend was the little otter's 4th birthday party and we got her a big ol' back yard swing set. Her backyard 'park' as she put it, was an instant hit and will probably be the source of a lot of "time for dinner" fits from her mother. Everyone had a great time and I'll be sending out some photo CDs to family soon. If you don't get one, email me.

Also, the move is complete and we have a new home number! Yep, no more cell-phone only for Waldo, I have been shoved into the world of land lines yet again. Mass email to friends and family coming soon.

PS -- I hate parking enforcement and community bureaucracy.

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