Saturday, July 02, 2011

Tractor Pulls and redneck summer activities.

Out to visit Maelana again and the Summer festivities are on in Marthasville.  Despite some crude names on the competitors from all over MO, it was a solid turnout with lots of fans.  Trurly rural entertainment but it was nice to see "down home" again. 

Met a local innovator and entrepreneur with a company called FAAS that makes a three stage air de-aspiration device for diesel engines that is attracting international attention.  I love seeing innovation in small town manufacturing!  Great for the little guys. 

Took Mae to see Cars 2, found some bugs and started writing "Magical Girl" with my very creative kiddo. and the blog from my mobile phone...tell me what you think.  (At least I'm posting.)

(PS - If you are looking for poker posts, go to Random Table Draw.)

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