Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The lack of posts...post.

Just a quick note to everyone out there that stops by to read this blog and wonders -- where is all the poker stuff? or why isn't he updating?

Quick answers:

This was a personal blog started before I got a bit more hooked on Facebook and Twitter for updates. No excuse really, but when you feel you are communicating, a rewrite isn't always something I have time to do now-a-days.

My "poker stuff" can be found at http://www.lifesabluff.com/ and http://www.wptmag.com/ as well as several other freelance spots that I'll point out from time to time. I've landed some nice freelance deals lately that are letting me get a lot more out there, but since I am still employeed full time, they are not letting me get back to the blog that often. If you know me and this bothers you, feel free to email me to vent, but don't get to bent if I don't write back.


Thanks for the widgets/gadgets here in good 'ol blogger, you can follow my adventures through the photos in the Flickr viewer and the recent YouTube posts on the right! See, all interactive an updating all the time...you just need to look right. ...your other right. There you go.

For up to the second, 140 character blurbs about what I am doing, seeing and thinking, follow me on Twitter @mattcwaldron.

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