Sunday, September 07, 2008

Wow...what has been going on huh? Its been a bit, but here I am again.

FOOTBALL WEEKEND!! One game in and things are blowing up already. Brady hurt so my big Fantasy Football weapon is screwed, hopefully that won't be a long lasting one. Got Farve as a backup and apparently...NOT having a kicker is the best way to squeeze extra love out of your new-to-the-team QB. However, sometimes you do things like trade a prime Defense and running back to you end up getting your ass kicked by the woman you love. Willie Parker and the Eagles defense somehow cleared up all those questions people had about them. Big time.

Poker Update: Back from the Legends of Poker and paid for the trip on the felt and got some GREAT interviews and photos to boot. All in all, it was quite the success. Some photos below from the event. Pardon the odd formatting, I don't feel like wrestling it at the moment. Sometimes free, cheap and easy has its drawbacks. Thanks Blogspot. Anyway, met some great people this time and hooked up with old buds from Cardplayer, PokerPages, PokerListings, PokerNews, and PocketFives as well as the WPT crew. (Hang on gang, things will work out.) Mo Faithipour did a great job taking care of the high limit section at the Bike even though, like some fall-back Frat house, the big games and players went down the road (a scary, dark, east-Los Industrial road...) to the Commerce. My nights went long and I did not join them however so no stories from the big game(s) that were all over there. Reports state that it was one of the Commerce's best weeks in a while however, even with the pros scattered all over for big tournaments coming up in Maccau, Cannes, London and then the Borgata next week. Whew. How much money do people think is IN poker? Above is 10K US, 20K Euros, 10K Pounds, and then 10K US. So, a total of about 70k in 3 weeks for JUST the main events...assuming you are capable of getting to all of them. We are getting dangerously close to butchering the "sheep" of poker we are sheering it so close. Come on folks, lets get organized.

VACATION UPDATE!!: Well, Piggy and I made it to Seattle and then drove up to Vancouver on the long weekend. Wow, I am really pleased to have got to see both these cities as a tourist. Vancouver is like the incarnation of what San Francisco TRIES to be. They are obviously liberal, green and progressive but they are actually friendly, helpful and enacting a lot of the things that folks in Frisco are still just getting off the ground. Weather was cool but bright for most of the trip so we got lucky there. Seattle was grundge incarnate in many places, but they were in the middle of Bumbershoot, so that might have said something to do with it. In the end it was saved by the Duck Tour and dinner at Fado. Vancouver gets an A and Seattle gets a B on the "weekend vacation" report card. Gotta get the pictures off the other PC folks....give me a bit.

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