Wednesday, April 09, 2008

New batch of Random Questions is hitting the airwaves! Unfortunately, I will probably never have the hit volume of Sneezing Panda or Chocolate Rain, but I hope you guys will drop into YouTube and have a listen as I interview luminaries from the poker world. It is really a "One Man and A Cam" operation by a non-professional interviewer, but, I think I have gotten better with each interview and I am learning a ton "under fire" as they say. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this little side journey for Life's A Bluff and my journalistic hobby!

Hit the link, watch the video...if you like, give me a nice rating and a favorite-ing!
Antonio Esfandiari -- The Magician
Jen Harman -- Lady Luck
Jean-Robert Bellande -- That Guy from Survivor China
Hoyt Corkins -- The Alabama Cowboy
Kristi Gazes -- Fun, fun, fun...

The rest of my always...right here!

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