Wednesday, February 13, 2008

In Memory of Jason Schroer
On Monday evening I received a call that my daughter's stepfather, Jason Schroer, had succumbed to his last bout with cancer. Jason was a man that quickly earned my respect with with kind, gentle and loving manner that he interacted with my daughter. He brought love, a positive attitude and stability into my daughter's home and we all (myself especially) were lucky to have him in our lives while we did.

Jason was a consummate optimist and a fighter. He fought off cancer several times only to have it come back time and time again, but he never let that deter him from doing what he loved and and loving those around him. Jason never once complained to me or anyone around me regardless of the pain and no matter how dire the situation. He never used his illness as an excuse to stop helping with his family's farm or his duties around the home. He was an honorable man with an iron will and a kind and generous spirit.

There are very few people as honorable and kind in this world as Jason Schroer. I know everyone that knows him has wondered as least once why some other less deserving, mean-spirited or evil person was not taken from this world instead of him. We can only trust that he is in a better place now, free from pain, and reaping the rewards of a life so well lived, even for such a short time.

I have placed a couple of pictures here that show Jason with my daughter and her mom's side of the family this Christmas. The smiling, joking nature you see here is genuine and what this world will miss most. RIP sir.


flatbed82 said...
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flatbed82 said...

Well written about a good friend of mine.