Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I hope that this post finds you all getting to where you need to be this holiday season. However, I shall not be traveling. I'll be here nursing the last large wounds of the Saints and Chiefs losing streaks and hoping that they both snap out of it soon. Sundays have been miserable for me. I know that makes me hard to live with and makes me wonder how people put up with my BS over a sport I was never any good at.

Anyway, to top that off, this time of the year which is typically very good for my poker game has been brutal. Live had a couple peeks eliminated that pretty much let me settle to a manageable loss but have put me in a bankroll bind as finding a live tournament that fits it is now tough and the cash games I am now forced to sit in are sporadic due to ridiculous play, but are the same games I beat before. Ick, it is weird starting over. But, all in all, I am happy that I've had that roll there to help me this year with things outside poker and that it got big enough to take the shots I did! (There is my Thanksgiving thanks for poker.)

Online, I have hit a few nice scores and gotten close to some bigger ones, but I am happy with my steady progress online. Look for more updates soon!

Most of all though, I am thankful for a loving woman at home, a healthy family (to varying extents, but hey, we are all mobile and not in dire threat of imminent death!) some friends that still remember me and a job that I do not dread going to.

Thank you everyone that:
-- Keeps me smiling.
-- Keeps me working.
-- Keeps me sane (well...close enough)
-- Keeps me grinding it out.

Have a great holiday weekend.

-- Waldo

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