Sunday, July 09, 2006

St. Louis this weekend and CARS!

So, I'm on my way to New York and was lucky enough to drop in and get a visit with my "little otter" and thanks to the kindness of Mike and Christie (whom I apparently forgot to finalize my travel plans with--aren't I special? I mean short bus kind of special.) had a great HQ to have a good time. Outside of being the captains of the local park playgrounds, we went to see Car's. As much as I originally thought this would be a first for a failure for Disney/Pixar, I was wrong. First off, the artwork is stunning and the use of CGI for reflective lighting and detail effects is unparralelled. In a huge crop of animated features coming out this year (finally making that Oscar catagory a race) I originally thought this would fall flat, but it turns out it will most likely be the juggernaught of the catagory. Great soundtrack, great voicacting, superior story and visuals. YEAH!

So, I'm in the airport posting this, so it will be short. On the way to NY to see my brother (first time in a while) and of course do my thing for work and meet all the heads of the network. A little nervous about keeping up with my workload while doing this, but I think we can make it -- especially with all the work getting done on the plane (kinda).

I'll spellcheck this later, untill then, here is something to make you smile. I call it the Blue Pig of Happiness.


Philly Piggy said...

Awesome piggy - where did you get him??!

You're the envy of people at work - a few of them have wanted to find a kid for the weekend, so they could go see "Cars" without being that "weird" guy in the theater. Did you happen to notice any older adults there by themselves, or is that really a faux pas?

Waldo's Wild Kingdom said...

I recommending kidnapping one if none are present, they are that good! I saw two older people there and 3 old ladies in the theater, they seemed to enjoy it too.